Australian Slang & Sayings 

Hello everyone 😀

Today I’m rounding out my third week living in the land down unda! By now I have a grasp on how people speak here so I thought I’d share some common sayings and slang terms I’ve learned:

“Arvo”- afternoon 

“Bellend”- dick head

“Bogan”- tramp, low income person, similar to “white trash”

“Bum Bag”- Fanny Pack

“Caps”- pills

“Cheers”- thanks

“Cooked”- intoxicated

“Cunt”- THIS IS NOT A DIRTY WORD IN AUSTRALIA! On the contrary, it’s used by young people as a term for “dude”. For example if you hear “Joe is a mad cunt” that means Joe is a cool dude. Conversely, if you hear “Guy is a shit cunt” that means Guy is lame and should be avoided. 

“Durrys”- cigarettes

“Dero”- short for derelict (see bogan) similar to “white trash”

“Docket”- bill, or receipt 

“Gettin’ on the piss”- Going out to drink

“Fag”- cigarette

“Footie”- short for football; but meaning Rugby League or Rugby Union 🏉

“Heaps”- a lot 

“How you going?”- how are you, how is it going

“I reckon”- I think/ I bet 

“Maccas”- short for McDonalds 

“Mad”- super cool, dope 

“Mate”- similar to “Bro” or “buddy”

“Mental”- crazy 

“Oi”- hey

“Petrol”- fuel, gas 

“Pingers”- uppers, like ecstasy 

“Povo/Pov”- short for “poverty”, meaning broke

“Rollie’s”- hand rolled cigarettes 

“Root/rooted”- to have sex  

“Roster”- schedule

“Schooners”- large glass of beer. Similar to a stein of beer 🍻

“Sev-Lev”- short for Seven-Eleven gas station  

“Servo”- gas station ⛽️ 

“Shrapnel”- all of the coins in your wallet (Australia has 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 & $2 coins so it tends to add up–making your wallet very heavy!)

“Stingin’ for a piss”- Needing to go to the bathroom

“Straya”- short for Australia 🇦🇺

“Sos”- short for “sorry”

“Sus”- short for “suspicious”

“Takin’ the piss”-joking/not taking something seriously 

“Thongs”- flip flops, NOT underwear 

“Ute”- short for Utility Vehicle, very popular Australian vehicle 🚗 

“Wrecked”- destroyed, or hungover 🙈


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